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We are currently in our proclamation phase of our Love Cape Town CityFest mission, and gearing up for our final festival gathering!

I would like to share with you the experiences of one of our team members, Ben Campbell from Australia, who together with our group of visiting Kenyan missioners, have been busy sharing Christ on the streets of Cape Town.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your faithful support of our work. If you are able to give a special gift at this time to help us cross the finish line on our mission budget, we would be so grateful!

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May God bless you as you partner with us in bringing in the African harvest.

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A snap shot of mission: one-on-one outreaches in Cape Town
by Ben Campbell

Well before dawn in Cape Town South Africa, the first of the AE missioners, well acquainted with mission over the past 9 days, have emerged from their shared rooms to start the day with prayer.   It’s 4 am and Bishop Andrew has commenced his routine, and he is soon joined by a number of others, fervently praying for the Lord’s mercy and favour.  By 6am, we have commenced devotions led by Masai Jane, and today we are hearing from Enid about the power of the Holy Spirit revealed in Acts, our Helper sent to us following the resurrection of Jesus.   We stand, pray and sing. We build one another up. We strengthen each other through spiritual songs and encouragement.

By 7.30am, all the volunteers have gathered to the bus to prepare for the day’s evangelistic activities. Before we move off, we commit our journey ahead in prayer, and drive off in anticipation of what the Lord has prepared.  Before we leave the bus, we will also pray.

Gary Almeida and our visiting AE missioners from Kenya

Slowly making our way through the early traffic jams, we eventually arrive at one of the base venues for our one-on-one evangelism. 
After a briefing and prayer, we are sent out in the Spirit of the Lord to bring Good News of Jesus to the city.  As we move in different directions, it soon becomes apparent that our greatest opportunity to engage the city outdoors is amongst office workers taking an outside smoke break, together with passersby and the numerous vendors.  
Meet Ambrose
It’s not long before we bump into Ambrose, having his cigarette along with scores of others outside the office buildings. After striking up a conversation, he is open about his struggles to accept faith in Christ.   He tells the missioners; “Every day I pray that I would find that strength in God and to find a personal relationship with Jesus.”   As he hears about the love of Jesus for him, and the ease of taking that step forward, tears well up in his eyes as he recognizes the divine intervention now taking place in his life.  We encourage him to find a home group, to read the Gospel of John we gave him, and he fills in a decision card that will help him to be followed up by a local church minister.  Gratefully accepting our prayers, he soon departs back into the workplace, embraced by assurance of God’s love for him and strengthened in his spirit to accept Jesus.  
We all thank God for this beautiful time together to help bring Ambrose closer to Jesus, and we ask for God to grow faith within him. 

Ben (left) and Ambrose (right)

As the mission group diffuses through the city, a group of four AE missioners (Benson, Mercy, Ben and Mary) approaches a cluster of people centred around a bus stop, market stall and smoking area. The Holy Spirit has gone before us, and we are embraced by two Muslim ladies who are so open to hear about the Gospel. They are transfixed as we describe God’s great desire to unite us together in Christ after the fall. They are so overwhelmed with joy in hearing this news, they can’t help but hug us and thank us for what they have heard today. They want to reflect on the true pathway of life through Christ, and to read the tracts we have given them. “Thank you for coming all this way to South Africa to talk to us today”, they said. “We want to model openness to hearing about Christianity as an example to our kids, so they too can make a choice on who they might follow.”

Benson and Mercy

As we wrap up our time in the city, mercifully protected by the Lord in courageously approaching city workers, we are given a thanksgiving lunch by a member of the mission organizing team. “Thank you for all you do”, said Ps Ricky Naidoo, “and God bless you all.”

As the day comes to a close, and we have dinner and fellowship, we turn our sole attention back to the ‘Author of Life’ through devotions at 7.30pm. This evening we hear about the power and love of Joshua and Caleb, who encouraged the Israelites to take the land that God has given them (Numbers 13).

Following this, gradually we prepare for rest, and a new day of evangelistic activities. We reflect on how God has prepared the hearts of people like Ambrose, the Muslim ladies and on the people who have finally taken the decision to accept Jesus right there on the streets with the AE disciples of Jesus. We prepare to be even more effective the next day, and utilise what we have learned to bring more into a relationship with Jesus as God enables.

We thank God for all the supporters of this mission through prayer and finances, who are transforming Africa person by person in obedience to Christ and the Great Commission. We thank God for all of you, because without you there would be even more lost people on the streets today. Because of your faithful service to God, even more people have new hope in Christ. And as God wills, there will be even more tomorrow.”


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From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to say a

BIG THANK YOU to all of our donors and partners!

None of this would be possible without you.

Your prayers, support, and encouragement help us keep the
Good News alive in South Africa and beyond!  

May our Lord richly bless you.


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