JULY 2020


Dear AE friends,

We hope you are doing well, and have enjoyed precious times with the Lord despite the prevailing circumstances.
This last Sunday I attended my first social distancing in-person church service, and it was so refreshing, not just because the service was outside in the winter breeze, but there is always a blessing when the Body of Christ comes together!

Psalm 133:1,3b (KJV)

1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

3…for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.

As more and more of us emerge from lockdown and re-engage the world around us in-person (and not through a screen), may we all be reinvigorated with gospel urgency to share and demonstrate the love of Christ to our friends and family, and others that the Lord leads over our path.

Although we are thankful for the interaction that technology has afforded us during lockdown, many people have not had easy access to data and connectivity, and they are hungry to relate…what an opportunity we have now, to bless! As a good friend told me today, video calls are a good way to maintain relationships, but not enough to build relationships.

Our world is indeed in dire need of relationship-builders and bridge-builders in this time…those that can look past differences and see the Imago Dei (image of God) in their neighbour, remembering that God’s desire is that all people be saved (1 Tim 2:4).

So let us commit anew to reaching out to our neighbours, especially those who may look different to us, and let us love each other out of the overflow of God’s love in us.

Thank you, friends, also for partnering with AE even during this difficult time! We are most grateful that we have been able to pay all our staff, and we look forward to re-opening our centre soon for smaller groups, making sure we adhere to all the safety protocols…more on that in Sue’s piece below.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.
Theuns Pauw
CEO | AE South Africa


We are very excited to be allowed to open our doors again shortly to guests and conference delegates, but at the same time, we are profoundly aware of our responsibilities to sanitisation, social distancing, temperature checks, masks and screens. All these words and phrases that were so foreign to us just a few months ago, have now become part of our everyday speech. Another one that I have learned in recent weeks is “touch spots”, this refers to the items or areas that are used repeatedly, like light switches and plug points. So, before we are allowed to officially open, we will be conducting rigorous training with all our staff to highlight the do’s and don’ts, the new expectations in cleaning and sanitising, and the importance of social distancing and hand washing. We have replaced the towels in our public toilets with paper towel dispensers, and are in the process of getting Perspex screens for our reception. We are nearly there, nearly ready to welcome back our guests, as we eagerly try to regain some sense of “normality”. We would so appreciate your prayers through this process, as we strive to honour our Lord in preparing to the highest standard.

Sue Fuller
Centre Manager | AE South Africa


Since the waging of the ‘war’ against the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the directive to wear a face mask has been of primary importance, along with sanitising and washing hands with soap (for 20 seconds)!
It is the clarion call of every world leaders’ address on this pandemic in the bid to curb the infection rate and has fast become an integral part of our daily apparel.
Amidst the chaos and anxiety, human industry and ingenuity has found expression in producing face masks of a variety of colours and designs, branded for advertising and ‘blinged’ for fashion.
Who can question our commitment to stay safe and look good whilst doing it?

Sadly though it remains the indigent who are in desperate want of such an important and basic need!
Ever aware of the plight of the impoverished, AESA has endeavoured to address this need since the commencement of Lockdown by distributing handmade face masks together with food parcels. These masks were made and donated by individuals and by the AESA Ngezandla Zethu Sewing Project.

AESA would like to thank AE Australia for partnering in providing funding for a special project where our sewing students will produce and distribute over 2500 face masks, free of charge, to the most needy in our community. All praise be to God!

Our students (pictured) are working feverishly, and have already produced 460 face masks in just four days!

We are indebted to our donors and the students of the Sewing Project for their unwavering commitment to assist us in addressing this need. The fight to keep the most vulnerable safe is, however, on-going and so as we rally together to reach out, we appeal to you for your continued assistance.
God is our shelter and strong tower…stay safe and be blessed!

Gavin John
Communications | AE South Africa


2000 years ago, Christ Jesus made history in the context of humanity. He came to earth to restore humanity back to God. He demonstrated a new way of living, gave us hope and new life.

On June 16, 1976, an uprising that began in Soweto and spread countrywide profoundly changed the socio-political landscape in South Africa. The youth of the time left a seed for change and freedom. Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. are legends of such history.

History tells stories and creates opportunities for a great future. I believe we are created to pursue and honor the memories of those who were before us. Not only are we continuing a legacy of the previous generations, but we are also to create one for the coming generations. June was youth month, and I participated on many platforms where the subject of discussion was today’s youth, as they are being perceived to be leading a negative lifestyle that reflects badly on the history of our nation.

Our Foxfire program is about South African youth yearning to change that perception. We believe that we have something to offer to those who want to build a positive and impactful history, and we believe that we are due to claim back our lives as leaders of today so we can impact future generations. There is so much to look forward to, despite the negativity that we are seeing in the media. Jesus’ agenda was to restore what was stolen (John 10:10). June 16, 1976 youth, focused on their agenda, and now the challenge is left with today’s youth to set their own agenda and focus on accomplishing it. We have to keep in mind that whatever agenda we choose, it will have an impact on future generations.

As Foxfires, our agenda is Christ! Announcing the Good News that He still saves and restores what is lost. Let us each consider our impact and invest wisely.

Zwelihle Sokhela
Foxfire Manager | AE South Africa

Dear friends, we would like to stand in faith with you for your prayer needs, so we invite you to send prayer requests to prayer@aeint.org

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to say a

BIG THANK YOU to all of our donors and partners!

None of this would be possible without you.

Your prayers, support, and encouragement help us keep the
Good News alive in South Africa and beyond!  

May our Lord richly bless you.


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