Uganda is a beautiful, landlocked country in East Africa, bordered by Lake Victoria to the south. It shares borders with Kenya, South Sudan, the DRC, Rwanda and Tanzania. Uganda is rich in natural resources including water from its many lakes and rivers in the country, mineral rich soils and some oil deposits. However, these plentiful resources are tempered by one of highest population growth rates in the world, which create a strain on resource allocation. Other significant national issues that have hampered industrial and economic growth over the last century include numerous civil wars and violence – the tyrannical reign of dictator, Idi Amin, is arguably the most devastating, and high rates of infectious disease like malaria schistosomiasis. Continuing violent altercations with the Lord’s Resistance Army to the north (South Sudan) and west (the DRC) have not been resolved. Uganda is also a very young country, with close to 70 percent of its population under the age of 25. The majority of Ugandans have been reached with the Gospel (only nine percent are unreached), but there is a need for training and equipping Ugandan Christians with the skills to deepen and strengthen their personal faith.

Quick Stats

Location: East Africa

Surface Area: 241,038 Kilometres2

Population: 39.03 million

Major Cities: Kampala 1.9 million, Nansana 365,857, Kira town 313,761, Mbarara 195,013, Mukono Town, 161,996, Gulu 152,276, Masaka 103,829, Kasese 101, 679, Hoima, 100,625, Lira 99,059

Major Languages: Luganda, Swahili, Arabic,

Colonial History: under United Kingdom rule

Official Language: English, Swahili

Team Leader: Paul Wassawa Ssembiro

Paul has been involved with African Enterprise for the last few years, after a career in Engineering and university lecturing. As the Team Leader of AE Uganda, Paul is currently focusing on mentoring upcoming evangelists, empowering the Church for ongoing urban evangelism and raising a generation of leaders with integrity. His ministry also revolves around peace and reconciliation and bridging the gap between communities affected by religious, tribal and political conflicts in the region. He has also been involved on a global level in politics, leading Uganda’s delegation to the Lausanne III Congress in Cape Town in 2010. 

Milne Medical Clinic

The Milne Clinic opened in 2004 and provides a range of services to Ugandans in the greater Kampala area. It is located in Kigobe, Lugala Village. The Clinic provides free support for the local community during AE’s city-wide mission outreach initiatives. Services include infant immunisations, maternity delivery, post-natal counselling, HIV testing and counselling, family planning, dental care and outreach camps. Many have also heard the Gospel proclaimed at this clinic. This largely self-sustaining project allows AE Uganda to connect with the vulnerable and the very young in an effective way.