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04/02/2021 – A difficult start

I don’t think many of us envisaged our transition into 2021 riding this pandemic wave! Most of us would have been dreaming of a summer of sea and sand, but instead beaches were locked down, and the term…

09/12/2020 – Joy To The World

What a year 2020 has been, rough and traumatic for so many. The Bible speaks, in the book of Ecclesiastes, about a time for everything that happens under the sun. We give thanks to God for everything,…

03/11/2020 – Work in progress

This year is now rapidly coming to a close, and yet in many respects it feels like we are only getting started! Many, if not most of us,…

05/10/2020 – Unshakable

LEAVE EM’ BE OR HBE? That is the question!

AESA partnered with Churches in Hilton, a small town on the northern escarpment of Pietermaritzburg, to launch a live streaming of a trailblazing Home Based Evangelism (HBE) Outreach on Sunday, 06th September 2020 at 17:00 (CAT).

04/09/2020 – From survival to victory

We pray that you are experiencing ever more peace and liberty as Covid-restrictions continue to relax, and that the Lord restores all that has been lost or damaged during lockdown.

Featured Article

A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS – A Tribute to Baba Stephen Lungu

“Preach the word;
be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction.”
2 Timothy 4:2

This directive from the apostle Paul was lived out in the ministry and witness of our dear brother Stephen Lungu who was called home to higher service on the 18th of January 2021, after succumbing to his battle against COVID-19.

Stephen’s first encounter with African Enterprise (AE) was in 1982 when Stephen was tasked with being the interpreter for AE Founder Michael Cassidy at the Malawi Keswick Convention. At the time Stephen was serving as an evangelist for the Dorothea Mission in Malawi (an organisation through which he himself had come to Christ). This chance encounter of humble beginnings was the start of an enduring friendship and brotherhood between these powerful servants of the Lord. Such was Stephen’s immediate impact on
Michael that Michael says he “felt constrained to invite him into African Enterprise.”

He joined AE shortly thereafter and, with fiery passion for the preaching of the gospel, served the AE team in Zimbabwe before moving on to pioneer and lead AE Malawi. He was zealous in his ministry which earned him an appointment as one of four Deputy Team Leaders for AE International (AEI); a position he occupied concurrently with his role as AE Malawi Team Leader until 2006.
His dedication and commitment to the work of AE steered his path to become the obvious successor to Michael as International Team Leader (ITL) and CEO of AEI upon the latter’s retirement in 2006. Stephen held this office until 2013 when he handed the baton over to his namesake and successor, the current ITL & CEO of AEI, Dr Stephen Mbogo.
One never retires from the work of the Lord and certainly not for an impassioned servant as Stephen. He joined the AESA Team thereafter serving until June 2018 in the capacities of Head of Missions; Deputy Team Leader and Frontline Evangelist. He then returned to Malawi where he maintained his long-standing relationship with AE as an Associate Evangelist and continued to serve the Dorothea Mission, where his faith journey began, as its International Chairman until his demise.

It was on an extra-ordinary night in Harare, Zimbabwe, 1962 that a down and out street-urchin cum gangster, who was on the brink of committing the most heinous of crimes at an evangelistic gathering, met the Lord God almighty and was convicted and transformed to become a mighty man of God who has since preached the gospel in those very streets of his past thuggery and indeed gone way beyond its confines to countries across the globe and into such astonishing places as the Oxford Union and the Pentagon would you believe!

Stephen’s incredible testimony is captured in his autobiography ‘Out of the Black Shadows’.
The book is available on ‘pre-order’ from our AESA office at a cost of R120.00 (exclusive of delivery) or for R180.00 (with delivery of 7-9 working days).
The shipment is expected in March 2021 so kindly contact Stuart Hind on shind@ae.org.za to place your order now and avoid disappointment.

In his tribute to Stephen, Michael says,
“I have known many preachers over the years in African Enterprise, and beyond it, but I don’t think I have ever known a more passionate and endlessly energetic preacher of the Gospel than Stephen. None of us could ever match his energy or his day and night sharing of the gospel, whether from public platforms or in shops and restaurants. To be sure there will be thousands and thousands of people in heaven because of Stephen Lungu. These will range from ordinary citizens and common people to leaders in high places and to teenagers and little children. Young people, and of course older ones, were always heart-warmed by his infectious smile, rollicking laughter, all with his sparkling white teeth shining through!”

We celebrate your life, ministry and witness dear brother. Your legacy lives on in the lives of the multitudes that you helped to come to Christ; the ministry of those whom you trained and mentored; and through the social outreach projects that you helped pioneer.
‘Well done thou good and faithful servant’.

Stephen is survived by his beloved wife Rachel (who, through the grace of God, is making steady progress in her fight against COVID infection); their daughters Agnes, Faith & Ebenezer; and sons James & Samuel.
We extend our heartfelt condolences to this dear family and pray that the Comforter will be their strength at this time of bereavement; and we continue to hold Mama Rachel in prayer for God’s healing.

Gavin John
Communications | AE South Africa

About Us

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce African Enterprise (AE), a Christian non-profit organisation, founded by Dr Michael Cassidy in 1961.

AE has served millions across the continent of Africa, through word and deed, for over 50 years! But there is still much to do…

AE has grown into a partnership of over 600 staff, volunteers and friends representing national teams in eleven African countries.

African Enterprise has had a unique and spiritual ministry for many years. It is always a joy for me to recommend this ministry of evangelism, Christian leadership training and the many other facets of their organization.” – Billy Graham

Our strategic areas of focus include –

Stratified Evangelism

AE aims for a city-wide impact, taking the Good News to people wherever they are; from hospitals, schools and homes, to prisons, street corners, nightclubs and stadiums.

Through AE mission, local churches are awoken to their call to fulfil the Great Commission, and then continue the discipleship process as new members are added.

Love Cape Town CityFest mission 2019

Community Transformation

During our missions we bring hope and healing by demonstrating Christ’s love. We also have long-term projects including supporting early childhood development through our iThembalomntwana pre-school, and we also support vulnerable women through our skills development and job creation sewing project, called Ngezandla Zethu.

iThembalomntwana pre-school

iThembalomntwana pre-school

Community Transformation

During our missions we bring hope and healing by demonstrating Christ’s love. We also have long-term projects including supporting early childhood development through our iThembalomntwana pre-school, and we also support vulnerable women through our skills development and job creation sewing project, called Ngezandla Zethu.

Ngezandla Zethu sewing project

AE assisted the most needy with food hampers and masks during the Covid19-lockdown

Ngezandla Zethu sewing project

AE assisted the most needy with food hampers and masks during the Covid19-lockdown

Peace & Reconciliation

AE seeks to bring peace where there is conflict. We were instrumental in facilitating a peaceful transition to democracy in South Africa in 1994 (see Michael Cassidy’s book ‘A Witness Forever’).

AE continues to work at promoting inter-racial and inter-denominational unity.

AE on a mission to bring unity

Leadership Development

We actively engage with leaders at every level of society. From local chiefs to pastors and presidents, communities and nations have been impacted by our work!

We also provide training to pastors and lay ministers on various topics, helping to strengthen the church.

Theuns addressing MP’s at a luncheon in Parliament

Theuns addressing MP’s at a luncheon in Parliament

Leadership Development

We actively engage with leaders at every level of society. From local chiefs to pastors and presidents, communities and nations have been impacted by our work!

We also provide training to pastors and lay ministers on various topics, helping to strengthen the church.

Youth Empowerment / Foxfires

AE invests significantly in young people across South Africa, through life-skills, leadership training and discipleship.

Our Foxfire Youth Team (18-25 yrs), is a year-of-your-life program, with a focus on evangelising the youth and developing young leaders. After 2 months of intensive training, the new Foxfires are released into ministry where they visit schools, youth groups, churches, children’s homes and colleges. Using energetic and exciting dance and drama performances to connect with the youth, the Foxfire Teams bring hope and various life skills to young people across South Africa.

Contact Zweli on 083 795 1766 or zsokhela@ae.org.za for more info.

Applications for 2021 close on 31 Oct 2020.


Foxfire youth ministry team

AE Centre

We have a beautiful campus at our offices in Pietermaritzburg, where we have a conference and training facility that can accomodate 100 overnight guests.

Contact centre@ae.org.za for bookings.

The AE Centre in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

The AE Centre in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

AE Centre

We have a beautiful campus at our offices in Pietermaritzburg, where we have a conference and training facility that can accomodate 100 overnight guests.

Contact centre@ae.org.za for bookings.

Please consider partnering with us through your giving, to help us fulfil our mission. We would be so grateful!

Yours sincerely,


Theuns Pauw

AE South Africa – CEO

Partner with Us

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African Enterprise (South Africa)
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Branch Name: Boom Str, Pietermaritzburg
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NPO Reg no: 007-107
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Meet our CEO

Theuns Pauw (born 04 July 1977) grew up in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where he also graduated in 1999 from the University of Stellenbosch with a degree in Management Accounting.

Theuns is passionate about sharing the gospel, having come to faith radically in a personal encounter with the Lord on 23 March 2003.

He left the finance sector to pursue ministry, and was ordained as pastor in 2007. Theuns planted a church in Cape Town and pastored in two others.

He has led mission teams in Malawi, India, Thailand, and in numerous regions of South Africa. He has also ministered in Ukraine, Kenya, Uganda, Canada, Netherlands, N. Ireland, Botswana, DRC, Ghana and Rwanda.

Theuns left a flourishing church in response to God’s call to join African Enterprise, South Africa, in 2017 as CEO. He is committed to advancing the Kingdom throughout the cities of Africa.

Theuns is happily married to Charlene, and they have three amazing children, Christiaan, Esther and Reinhart.

Meet our Board

Chairman: Robert Langley

Robert has the following qualifications, a BSc, BSc(Hons)(Microbiology/Plant Pathology), HDE, BEd, and MSc (Botany).

He is a retired Headmaster (Howick High School) after having taught for 40 years. He is currently an elder at Howick Community Church, and serves on their worship team and missions committee.

Robert is married to Bridget (44 years), and they have two daughters, two sons, and eight grandchildren! His hobbies include painting/drawing, travelling, pilates, and caring for and serving others.

Vice - chair: Vezi Mncwango

Vezi is a certified leadership coach and author of 2 books, Transforming Glory and Vessels of Glory.

Vezi is intensely passionate about the power of the gospel to transform individuals, communities and nations. Vezi and his wife Nhlanhla run a ministry focussed on equipping the church with practical day to day strategies for loving our neighbour.

Vezi founded and runs his coaching practice known as “The Thought Coach”, through which he has coached hundreds of leaders in the corporate environment.

Vezi is also a Professional Associate at the University of Pretoria Gordon’s Institute of Business Science where he teaches and coaches on leadership.

Vezi is married to Nhlanhla and they have four children.

Founder: Michael Cassidy

Michael Cassidy founded African Enterprise in 1961 and built and served in this ministry for almost 60 years. 

He is an evangelist, a respected and loved Christian leader, statesman and author. He has conducted evangelistic missions all across Africa and overseas, and he is the author of numerous books, his latest being his memoirs, Footprints in the African Sand.  He is known as a reconciler and played a key “behind the scenes” role in South Africa’s miraculous first democratic election in 1994.  In 2012 he was made the Honorary Chairman of the Lausanne Movement for World Evangelisation, succeeding the late John Stott, and was also made the Distinguished Alumnus of the year at Fuller Theological Seminary in California. He holds an Honorary Doctorate from Azusa Pacific University.

Along with Evangelism, Michael and African Enterprise have sought to be a unifying force among Christians by spearheading the largest Christian interdenominational leadership gatherings in Africa over the last fifty years. Michael also led and chaired the Marriage Alliance of South Africa.

Michael and his devoted wife Carol celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Dec 2019. They have 3 grown up and married children and 8 grandchildren.

Secretary: Linda Grant

Linda is married to Anthony, who is an attorney in Pietermaritzburg and they have 3 children: Stewart (22), Grace (20) and Mark (18).

Linda has a Master of Arts in Urban Geography but gave up her university career to be a full-time home-maker. In addition to this, she is involved in African Enterprise – her late father, Garnet Venn having come to personal faith through Michael’s first mission to Maritzburg in 1962 – her local church, her children’s schools and her neighbourhood.

Linda loves being in nature and is interested in current affairs, environmental issues and cares deeply about children and young people.

Finance chair: Gavin John

Gavin is married to Miranda and they have three children, Mathew (20) and Nicole (31) who were born to them and, following the recent marriage of their daughter, their son-in-law Kirsch(31). An accountant by profession, he joined the AESA Budget & Finance Committee in 2004 and has chaired this Committee since 2006; from which date he serves as an ex officio member of the AESA Board. Proudly Pietermaritzburg, having been born and raised in this city, Gavin worships in the same local church following four generations of his family before him. He continues to be actively involved in the life of this church, serving in areas of worship, ministry and administration. He has also recently taken up the position of Communications Officer at AE.

Deborah Kirsten

Deborah, daughter of AE founder Michael and Carol Cassidy, was born in KZN in 1974.
She graduated Cum Laude at UCT with a Bachelor in Primary Education and a Master’s degree in Theory and Philosophy of Education. Deborah is married to South African cricketer and coach, Gary Kirsten. Due to Gary’s extensive travelling schedule, Deborah opted for a more flexible career as a freelance journalist which has enabled her to travel with Gary. She has written for magazines such as Food & Home, Marie Claire and The Oprah Magazine. Deborah’s autobiography, Chai tea & Ginger beer, was released in South Africa in 2015 and reached bestseller status within a few weeks.

Deborah is a motivational speaker and engages with a variety of audiences, from schools, universities and churches, to the NGO and corporate sectors. Speaking locally and internationally, she is particularly passionate about inspiring women to realise their unique value and potential. Along with colleague, Jacqui Mol, Deborah has developed, and teaches a course entitled “Living your Strongest Story”, with the focus being to help women take very intentional steps towards maximizing their strengths and potential. They have also recently formulated “Growing your Strongest Story”, which is a workshop designed specifically for teenage girls.

Deborah strongly believes in adding value to her broader community and plays a key role in the community initiatives in both her boy’s schools. She is also actively involved with the township work of The Gary Kirsten Foundation. She and Gary live in Cape Town with their three children, Joshua (16 yrs), James (12 yrs) and Joanna (8 yrs).

Sandile Mkhwanazi

Sandile Mkhwanazi is a pastor, business, and community leader.

Negotiating transformation, providing opportunity and encouraging people to grow is a passion that has driven Sandile for more than 10 years. He also spent a number of years engaging communities on the transformation of the mind and heart in the matter of race relations, education inequality, social and economic class structures and bridging the gap between these groups.

Sandile is also passionate about engaging Kingdom leaders that are making a difference.

Dr Xolie Jones

Dr Xolie Jones. A born-again child of God, totally sold out for the Kingdom of God, a gift to the body of Christ internationally, a medical doctor and a seasoned business women. Dr Xolie is a suitable help-mate to her husband Bishop D.B Jones (Global Justice Ministries), and they are blessed with 5 children. They serve in Christ Impact Church, and reside in the USA and South Africa.

Ps Senzo Myeni

Ps Senzo Myeni is the founder and senior pastor of Esibusisweni Christ Tabernacle which is a church based in Pinetown. He is married to Ps Mpume Myeni and they have two boys.

Ps Senzo has been active in the ministry since 1995 when he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and has been ministering on different platforms to various audiences in South Africa and abroad.

Ps Senzo is a radio personality with 19 years experience in commercial and community radio, and recently he has ventured into television ministry. His passion is community development, social justice and youth empowerment. Over the years, he has been involved in a broad spectrum of civil society organisations, where he participates in different capacities to bring about change and empowerment.

In 2016, Ps Senzo was honoured with a doctorate by the Mount Horeb Bible Institute in Durban, in recognition of his contribution and impact in society through the preaching of the gospel and in leading community development programs.

Audrey Mbuyazi

Audrey is married to Phiwayinkosi and they have 4 children: Menziwokuhle, Tsungai, Nqubeko and Gqamile. She has worked extensively on business and technology implementations as well as training projects for large corporations and private enterprises for the past 20 years. Audrey is a results oriented, business solution focused, team player with international project and business management experience. She has identified and delivered sustainable improvements for global clients in the financial services, telecommunications, utilities, education, government and mining industries. Audrey is also a recording artist with 3 albums to her name, an author and board game designer. She is also an international speaker and singer who encourages and cheers others on to fulfil their God-given dreams. Audrey’s music blends African ballad, soul, jazz, classical even disco featuring songs of love, praise and worship, encouragement and the issues of life’s hard choices. Music that is truly for the heart and soul!

Jennifer Garnett

Jennifer matriculated from Carter High School in 2000 and was Deputy Head Girl in that year. She studied a Bachelor of Arts in English, Drama and Gender Studies at UCT, after which she returned to Pietermaritzburg in 2005 and did a learnership at Carter High School and completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Drama and English) through UNISA. 

In 2006, Jennifer started teaching Grade 8 to 12 Dramatic Arts at Russell High School, and in 2016 she became an HOD at the school. In 2018, with God’s direction, Jennifer joined The Wykeham Collegiate as Chaplain.

She is married to Shaun Garnett and they have two sons, Caleb and Joshua. Shaun and Jennifer also lead the Children’s ministry at One Life Church’s south site. 

Jennifer is passionate about ministering to the youth, and helping them discover and grow in their God-given potential.

Meet our Team

Darryl Naidoo - Deputy Team Leader & Financial Manager

Sue Fuller - Centre Manager

Charlene Pauw - Legacy Co-ordinator

Stuart Hind - Admin Manager

Gary Almeida - Training Officer

Gavin John - Communications Officer

Zwelihle Sokhela - Foxfire Manager

Saziso Ngcobo - PA to the CEO

Ernest Thamsanqa Njilo - Centre Shift Supervisor

Mandla Dube - Foxfire Co-ordinator

Tineil Govender - Foxfire Admin Assistant

Sthembiso Dladla - Centre Shift Supervisor

Phindile Mchunu - Centre Housekeeping

Muziwenhlanhla Mhlungo - Maintenance Supervisor

Lang Harvey - Maintenance Assistant

Pinky Majola - Centre Housekeeping

Mlungisi Nxele - Dining Room Co-ordinator

Lindelani Zuma - Dining Room Co-ordinator

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